Sunday, November 4, 2018

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I am not a professional but play music as hobby. Piano playing becomes easy and feels more fulfilling if we are able to play complete songs.
I have been providing notations in the western style for last few years for songs in many languages. The notations are in C D E F form, as it is easy to understand and play for beginners and non professional players. Where ever possible I have provided song track and even Karaoke track. This will help in listening to the song on the same page. Please listen to the song many times till the tune is registered in your mind. Then start playing. Finally you can play along the karaoke track also.


I have published a book “ Piano/Keyboard Song Notations” on Here I have given notations for popular songs sung by Kishore Kumar. Notations are given,both in Western and Hindustani style.  You can check it at the link given below.


I am providing basic music funda like scales, how to form chords, how to play songs on your own etc. Pl check the following link also.

Keyboard / piano tutorials for beginners

Selecting the right keyboard for you
Learning the Major scales
Suggestive fingering for major scales
Learning minor scales
Simple chord formation formula - Major and minor chords
Simple chord formation formula - Diminished & Augmented chords
Start playing songs of your choice
Transposing on the keyboard - A way to simplify playing for beginners
Hear and Play the piano - very basic good lessons
How to select chords for any song or tune

Click below to get song notations


DrumsPlayerWorld - Get in-depth resources and tips on drumming here.