Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is Perfection ?

Perfection is the ability to do things sub consciously. This is the level at which you are not required to think while doing that task. In this context, I had read a beautiful example and I am using it here.

Think about cycling. While learning we are required to fully concentrate on balancing and try to keep the handle straight. Once you have learnt, then you are no longer required to even think of balancing. It is taken over by your sub conscious mind and you start riding as per your minds command. Now your conscious mind is free to concentrate on other things like talking, looking around at beautiful girls (just kidding) etc. while riding. This is perfection.
We need to get that perfection on the keyboard. I mean when you are playing any scale / chord the fingers should go to the right keys automatically. One should not be required to think for this but it should be done by the sub concious mind. This can happen, only, by regular practice for a moderate time of say 15mins to 1 hour every day.