Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy birth day tune with rythm and chords

Rythm: Any fast beat ( on Yamaha 8btModern sounds good)
Tempo: 90 to 110
Using single fingure chords with acompaniment will enhance the performance  
green are the chords

Happy birth day to you
GG      A      G    c  B~
Happy birth day to you
GG       A     G    d   c
G                             C
Happy birth day dear _______
GG      g       e     c      BA~
G                                 Am
Happy birth day to you
ff          e      c      d  c
F                             C
May God bless you
GA~G      c        B~
may God bless you
GA~G       d       c
G                        C
Happy birth day dear  ______
GG      g       e      cc      BA~
G                                     Am
Happy birth day to you
ff           e       c   d   c~
F                             C